What's the Scoop?

Habibi.ae started off as an idea - an idea to provide this vast desert region with products that we didn't know existed. Our habibi's travel the world looking for the coolest, oddest , weirdest , funkiest but enthrallingly intriguing products.

We have Habibi's all over the place looking, searching, seeking for those bright spark products that don't have a home and bring them all under one big shiny Dubai based roof. These products now need good homes. They need looking after and they want to be used.

We at habibi have made it our personal responsibility that no-one - no mother, father, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend or pet ever has to receive a pair of socks as a gift again. Unless those socks contain magic beans of course.

We receive new product ideas via messages in bottles, notes attached to pigeons and most recently a machine in the corner of our mad hat offices once called a fax spluttered into life and pushed out a piece of paper from an outpost in a far off land with a drawing of possibly the most ingenious idea we've seen in the last 15 years (its on our site somewhere for you to find).

We are constantly changing, constantly moving and all to bring you, our Habibis the best online shopping experience of your lives. We want you to whoop, scream, holler and shout when you use Habibi.ae and if it doesn't then tell us!

We know you'll want to - but don't keep us a secret. We are here to share - bring joy to these wonderful, crazy products' lives and tell everyone you know - literally shout from the rooftops Habibi.ae it really is the only place to be.

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