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Fancy completing that dream appliance showcase? We know you've been thinking about that for some time - filling that empty space in your hallway and the other rooms. We got you covered there. From bedroom appliance that matches your motif, we have a wide variety of appliances to choose from.

We got the best brands in washing machines, small type refrigerators and food processors to complete your small appliance sets. Enjoy your baking experience with ovens and mixers, get a hot espresso with our coffee machines, microwave ovens and toasters to get on with your breakfast. We have blenders, waffle irons, rice cookers too.

Hot day going ahead? We have blenders so you make that delicious avocado shake and ice cream machines to soothe any summer heat. With our 200AED free delivery there's pretty much no need to check for other appliance stores or think about getting to buy kitchen appliances again. Now lets get that cooking ready!

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