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Get the best from your grocery list at! Choose from thousands of quality grocery items with free shipping over 200AED and enjoy the best online experience in grocery shopping.

The finest food and beverages are ones served in a fine mixture of class and affordability. Imagine the various selections of our beverage list to choose from and the extra goodies we have to offer. We have sodas, juices and water ready to stock for you. Thinking of baking ingredients? We have everything from flour to mixes, sugars and syrups. Whether you'd like to make the darkest chocolate cake or a red velvet we can take care of it for you.

Pasta night? Think of a bowl Tortellini as you smell the parmesan and ricotta cheese as you take a bite. Imagine that Lasagne di Carnivale you saw on t.v. and how much you want to try that recipe to impress your friends. Having the best ingredients is one way to make that happen.

How about kiddie parties? We have cakes and candies and chocolate treats that can help you setup that perfect function.

If you're tired of looking out for specific food kinds whether you're gluten free or vegetarian, dairy free, or a steak hunter - we got you covered. Let us take your breakfast, lunch and dinner an experience something you would surely find delightful.

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