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Jewelry & Watches

Jewelries and watches are always a big fashion statement. Even with simple clothing you can accentuate a classic look with accessorizing yourself with a wristwatch or a bracelet. A studded necklace lined with silver and gold is always the way to go especially on parties and events.

Dress in style to achieve that urban gentry look. Men will always go with classics with field/diver watches for casual wear and a good dress watch for formal occasions. From analog to Gshock's lineup of sturdy and dependable digital watches we got our gents covered.

Women's fashion is always ever changing, ever evolving. We want to make sure that our shop understands these, and finding a pair of matching hoops and earrings can sometimes get tedious. Shop at and we offer the finest selections of charms and religious pendants to create that personalized look.

Working out on the go? Sync your smartphone to our selection of smart watches and go in style as you burn the calories away. Who knew working out could be so much fun being in style?

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