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Pet Supplies

Dubai has been well known to be very caring about animals and their welfare. Pets get special treatments from petparents who want the very best in the market. Whether its a dog, or a cat, or rabbits, or fish - their owners love them. can get it started with the best pet food brands for you. We have crunchy dogfood from Royal Canin, Purina, and Wellness CORE. The nutrition that your dog requires is based on a lot of variables and it basically affects the overall health of your furry pet. Let's not forget our feline friends, we have mix of meat and seafood from brands like Purina Tidy Cats, Member's Mark and Meow Mix. Treats and toys? Don't worry, we got them covered.

Hygiene is very important for our pets, we have training supplies for dogs and pet cleaning products too. We have selections of litterboxes, aquariums, filters, fish bowls, wood chews, cages and mats.

Give them extra love with treats and toys. It just makes the spending time with our pets more enjoyable than they already are having them around.

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