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Find the best travel gears for your adventure here at Travel shop. We got performance undergarments, hiking clothes, luggage, backpacks and other accessories that suits your style.

Learn to layer your clothes for hiking with essential brands like Go Travel that has everything you need from padlocks to foam backpacks, heavy duty umbrellas, and cabin bottle organizers. Water bottles are essentials and should be of the highest quality resin HDPE plastic thats BPA-free.

And don't forget the toiletries. We have soaps, toothpaste, and sun-care products that we know you cant live without. We also have razors and shaving creams for the gents too.

Going abroad for a few weeks? We have luggage cases for your different sizing needs, messenger bags for passports and essentials and briefcases for your office documents. At over 200AED we can take care of shipping costs for you, now how's that for travel gear shopping?

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